journal-ijoms-mar08-300w.jpgThe International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery recently reported on a promissing 100% biocompatible zirconia implant process for immediate single-tooth replacement.


  • No drilling - no loss of heathy bone, and no operative drama or damage to nearby roots, nerves or sunus
  • Expensive drilling guides are not required.
  • Maximum contact and stability - exact fit minimizes healing time because there are no gabs between the implant and the bone
  • Minimally invasive - no bone augmentation, guided bone, or tissue regeneration is required
  • Color matched - no metal is used, and zirconia can be shaded to match root color and/or tooth color.

What is ZirconiaBlog?

The dental laboratory industry has been using Zirconia (yttria-stabilized zirconium dioxide) as a dental framework material for several years in our dental laboratories, working with a variety of milling systems and materials.

About the Contributors

The following members of the media and the dental industry are regular contributors to

  • Rick Mc Comas - Dental Industry Technology Journalist
  • Cameron Karpowitz - CAD/CAM Equipment Manufacturer
  • Scott Atkin - Lab Owner & Dental Zirconia Manufacturer

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